lkWatch this video to see how easy and convenient it is to drop off HHW at the round-up events
eyr lkHelp prevent pollution - the solution to pollution is in everyone's hands!

Use Environmentally Safe Products
Believe it or not, leaves and grass can be harmful to marine life when you use your garden hose to wash them into the gutter.

PP2 Recycle Your Used Motor Oil and Filters
Customers may dispose of used motor oil weekly by simply calling Republic Services at 1-800-299-4898. Service will occur in conjunction with regular refuse collection. Used oil containers must be tightly sealed, and filters must be completely drained and placed in a sealable zip lock bag. Upon collection of used motor oil, Republic Services will leave an empty container for future uses. Republic Services can also provide containers upon request or individuals may pick up containers from the City's Public Works Office located at 4722 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
Compost Yard Trimmings
Compost green waste or recycle it in your Consolidated green waste bin.
Smart Gardening Workshops.
PP2 Report Illegal Dumping
To report a clogged catch basin, street flooding, illegal dumping, or abandoned hazardous waste, please the Public Works Department at (310) 973-3260.

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