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Historically, the City of Lawndale has been a bedroom community of primarily single-family homes. However, between 1970 and 1990, many older single-family homes were replaced with duplexes and multiple-family projects of three or more units. At this point, the City is almost built out, with little remaining vacant land appropriate for residential development.

The change from single-family homes to duplexes, garden apartments, and condominiums has increased the densities and affected infrastructure, parking and circulation. Replacement of older single-family units with higher density projects has occurred throughout the City.

Housing Needs/Characteristics:

Assuring the availability of adequate housing for all social and economic sectors of the City's present and future population is an important goal of the Housing Division. To assist the Division in implementing this goal, the City must target its programs towards those households with the greatest need.

The Housing Rights Center:

The Housing Rights Center (HRC) provides FREE fair housing services to Lawndale residents and community members. HRC offers housing discrimination complaint investigation, landlord/tenant counseling, predatory lending referrals, outreach and education, and legal and advocacy services. For additional information, please contact us at (800) 477-5977, or visit our website at

South Bay Co-op:

South Bay Co-op, built in 1990, consists of 3 floors and has 56 units (43 one-bedroom apartments and 13 efficiency units). Eligibility: aged 62 and older. (Limited number of units designed for the mobility-impaired for those aged 18 years and older.) More

South Bay Center for Dispute Resolution: Having trouble settling a dispute? Contact the South Bay Center for Dispute Resolution, (310) 376-7007. Click here for more info.

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