The City Council is empowered by state law to adopt ordinances, so long as they do not conflict with the state constitution, state laws or federal laws. Ordinances are the most binding form of action taken by the City Council. Approval of most ordinances requires two separate readings at least five days apart. Once adopted, an ordinance generally takes effect 30 days after final passage and remains in place until and unless it is revised or repealed by a subsequent ordinance. During this 30-day period, the public can use the referendum process to repeal the law.

The majority of ordinances create or revise city laws. These laws are contained in the municipal code ( Ordinances that amend the municipal code are incorporated into the code book periodically. Ordinances that have not yet been incorporated into the code are identified by the CodeAlert feature.


Ordinances Introduced and to be Considered for Adoption.

  • ORDINANCE NO. 1164-19 - would amend Chapter 8.80 of the Lawndale Municipal Code to make residential property report inspections for the observable areas of a home voluntary while retaining the mandatory requirement for a garage inspection prior to sale.

Ordinances Adopted.

  • ORDINANCE NO. 1163-19 - is intended to create a streamlined process by which routine (non-tort claim) warrants and demands can by processed and paid by the city in a timely fashion. The proposed process would include internal department head review of routine goods and services, finance director review, and finally enrollment on an audited check register presented to the council.

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