Department Staff

Rhonda Hofmann Gorman, City Clerk (310) 973-3212
Pam Giamario, Assistant City Clerk (310) 973-3213
Maria Guerra, Deputy City Clerk (310) 973-3211
Office Hours
7 am to noon and 1 pm to 6 pm
Monday to Thursday

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The City Clerk Department serves as a vital information resource within the City organization. The department's responsibilities include: a) participation in the preparation of legislative, legal and policy documents for the City; b) organization and maintenance all such records; c) recording and maintaining records of the proceedings of all City Council meetings; d) posting and publishing notices pertaining to public agency meetings in accordance with local, state and federal laws.

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The department also administers City elections, held in April of each even-numbered year. Municipal election responsibilities include recruiting poll workers to assist voters; recruiting election officials to assist staff with the counting of votes; conducting the canvass of the election to ensure that every valid vote is counted and the official results are accurate; preparing public notices and legislative documents; helping candidates to meet legal requirements and be aware of restrictions related to campaigning; and preparing voter pamphlets, informational materials, ballots, and a wide range of precinct supplies.

Other departmental duties include:

  • Advising staff liaisons to city commissions, committees and boards regarding open meetings laws
  • Advising city staff regarding laws pertaining to public records
  • Supporting city departments with the organization and maintenance of official records, including the destruction of records no longer needed for operational purposes and no longer required to be retained by federal, state and local laws
  • Performing duties required by state conflict of interest laws
  • Acting as filing officer for campaign finance disclosures as required by state laws
  • Supporting risk management activities that relate to city contracts and associated insurance and bonding requirements
  • Recruiting for City Council appointed commissions and committees
  • Website maintenance
  • Administering oaths of office
  • Receiving service of subpoenas and claims against the City
  • Providing support to other departments with competitive bidding processes

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