Lawndale Cable Commission Members

cable team

Chairperson Andrew Gardiner
Vice Chairperson Joseph Madrigal
Commissioner Lenore Bemis
Commissioner Charles Givens
Commissioner Juqua Williams

Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday of odd numbered months
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Lawndale City Council Chambers
Address: 14717 Burin Avenue, Lawndale CA 90260


The Lawndale Cable Commission (LCC), whose members represent a cross section of community volunteers, serves as an advisory to the Lawndale Cable Usage Corporation, Cable Administrator, and Cable Television Supervisor regarding the policies and procedures surrounding governmental, educational, local origination, and community programming for Channel 22 in the City of Lawndale.


A. To foster the development of Community Programming of interest to Lawndale residents.

  • To make recommendations regarding Lawndale Community Cable television programming.
  • To approve Lawndale Cable Commission Grants for Community Access Productions.
  • To develop and recommend a promotion plan to enhance channel usage an viewership.
  • To review effectiveness of outreach efforts.

B. To promote usage and viewership of Community Cable Channel 22.

  • To create maximum interest in local events, people, place, and issues via community cable television.
  • To provide Lawndale residents, businesses, and organizations an opportunity to produce and participate in community television.
  • To encourage the education of Lawndale students in community television programming and production.
  • To produce Cable television productions of interest to residents of Lawndale.
  • To assess, review and make recommendations regarding the adequacy of Community Access equipment and facilities.

lkCable Commission Facts

  • Each Cable Commission member receives a $30.00 stipend for each meeting attended.
  • Each Cable Commission member is appointed by the City Council. Current City of Lawndale Council members are not permitted to serve on the Cable Commission.
  • Commission member are only allowed to serve on one Commission at any one time for the City.

Lawndale Cable Commission Policies and Guidelines
Lawndale Cable Grant Application Form

lkApplication for Appointment to City Advisory Bodies

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