The following is a list of forms provided online by the City of Lawndale for your convenience. Please check back again as more forms will be available. These forms can be filled out on your computer, printed, and then submitted to City staff in person, by mail, or by fax.

*These forms are in PDF format, and can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download a FREE copy of Acrobat Reader here.

Administrative Services
  Employment Application
  Applicant Identification Sheet (optional)
  Business License / Planning Review Application
  Home Occupation Permit / Planning Review Application
  Alarm Permit Application - Residential Use
  Utility Users Tax Exemption
  Film Permit
  Transient Occupancy Tax Quarterly Report
Cable Television


Lawndale Community Cable Television Bulletin Board Request Form


Video Duplication Request Form
City Clerk
  Public Records Request
  Claim for Damages
  Application for Appointment to City Commissions, Committees and Boards
  Public Meeting Speaker Card
  Message Center Display Application


Community Development
  Construction/Demolition Fence Requirement
  Commercial Rehabilitation Program Application
  Electrical Permit Application
  Mechanical Permit Application
  Plumbing Permit Application
  Sewer Permit Application
  CDD Business License Zonning Application
Community Services
  Facility Use Rules, Regulations and Fee Waiver Qualifications


Facility Reservation Form


Facility Reservation Form for Outdoor Facilities
  Activity and Class Registration
  Street Pole Banner Application
  McKenzie Community Gardens Application
  Application for City Funds


Application for Appointment to the Youth Advisory Committee


Volunteer Application Form


Special Event Application Form


Refund Request


Refund Policy


Contract Class Proposal
Municipal Services


Parking Citation Step 1 Contesting Form


Parking Citation Step 2 Contesting Form


Information Sheet On Waiver of Deposit for Administrative Hearing


Neighborhood Block Party Application


Street Closure Permit Application
  Petition For Street Closure For Event Purposes
Public Works
  Trash collection senior citizen discount and/or handicap assistance application
  Exemption from trash collection fees application
  Encroachment Permit application




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