Recycling Services in Lawndale are provided by a franchise agreement with:
Republic Services
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Recycle Resources in Lawndale

Lawndale Launches Commercial Organics Recycling AB 1826

Food Waste Recycling

Mandatory Commercial Recycling - Assembly Bill 341 requires all residential apartment buildings of 5 or more units, and all businesses that generate four or more cubic yards of refuse per week to have a recycling program in place. A recycling program can reduce your trash collection service and may save you money. For more information, please call Republic Services at 1-800-299-4898 or click on the fact sheets for additional information.

Mandatory recycling requirements for apartments
Mandatory recycling requirements for businesses

Environmental Charter High School Green Ambassadors (ECHS)

"Recycle Today Spring 2019"

Guide to Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling

"23-year old went two years without creating any trash"


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