Homeland Security and Transit lines/Metrolink Status

The following is a status report provided to us by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department - Lawndale Service Center regarding Homeland Security and Transit lines/Metrolink in and around the City of Lawndale:

  • No specific threats or actual acts have been committed against the LACMTA system.
  • Increased policing and security efficiency in the last twelve months (since May 1, 2003) due to the consolidated policing contract with LASD.
  • Uniform and undercover deputies, plus sheriff's fare inspectors, MTA security officers, contract security officers, as well as closed circuit TV coverage.
  • Lower crime rate on MTA property than in the communities through which the MTA buses and trains travel.
  • Over 50 additional uniform personnel (Security Assistant's) added in the last twelve months.
  • Approved federal grants on their way to the MTA of over $4 million which will further enhance video surveillance, training, and deployment.
  • An excellent transit policing and security partnership exists between MTA and LASD, which is receiving positive attention from other transit systems in the world for innovation and efficiency.
  • Policing partnerships with police agencies throughout the County, including LASD Metrolink Bureau, Amtrak Police Department and many municipal agencies.
  • Over two dozen transit emergency drills ranging from fires to hazardous materials, suspicious packages and more. Many of these were multijurisdictional police and fire depts' and increasingly complex.
  • All LASD and MTA personnel have received homeland security related training, and hundreds of sheriff's personnel have received advanced training, with further training ongoing.
  • Increasing presence at Union station to ensure all passenger safety.
  • Innovative policing and security techniques
  • Future plans for further expansion of sheriff's and security staffing.

April 14, 2004



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