Facilities Available:
- 20' x 20' garden plots
- Water
- Storage sheds
- Picnic area
- Porta potty restroom
- Green waste receptacle

Located at 4324 W. 160th Street
No phone
Hours: Dawn to dusk, every day


What better place to commune in the outdoors than in our own South Bay! And you can spend part of your outdoor leisure hours growing your own vegetables, fruits and flowers at Dan McKenzie Community Gardens. Our gardeners enjoy a secured location with amenities enough to enable them to spend many hours a day nurturing their gardens.

Individual plots are available for lease to the public for a nominal annual fee. The growing year begins on January 1 of each year and continues through December 31. For more information, contact:

Kari Conley-Bell
Phone (310) 973-3283

Click here for rules and regulations
Click here for the application form


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