"Successor Agency" Information to the Redevelopment Agency
The Successor Agency

As of February 1, 2012 the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) of the City of Lawndale was dissolved by Governor Jerry Brown and the State Legislature.

As part of the Dissolution Act, the City of Lawndale designated itself as both the Successor Agency and Successor Housing Agency to the former redevelopment agency to wind down its operations and continue local control over the former assets of the agency.

This webpage will provide information relating to the Successor Agency operations and will post required documents such as the Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule.

fgdsSuccessor Agency Documents

Please check back frequently to see what documents have been posted to this site.

Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule
Draft Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule
Resolution designating Successor Agency (CC-1201-005)
Resolution designating Successor Housing Agency (CC-1201-007)

fgdsSuccessor Agency Summary Items

As of April 1, 2012, all members have been appointed to the Oversight Board by their respective appointing agencies. (The first meeting is tentatively planned for Thursday, May 24th at 4pm at the Lawndale City Council Chambers.)

fgdsSuccessor Agency Summary Items

For more information, please contact Sean M. Moore, Community Development Director, regarding the Successor Agency at (310) 973-3231 or email smoore@lawndalecity.org.

fgdsSuccessor Agency Summary Items

Per H&SC Section 34179-34181, an Oversight Board is appointed for the Successor Agency.

fgdsOversight Board Membership

All matters regarding the Successor Agency are currently being overseen by the Second District Consolidated Oversight Board (SDCOB).For information on the SDCOB and any recent agendas and minutes, please visit the SDCOB website by clicking here.

fgdsAction Minutes

Action Minutes are summaries of actions taken by the Oversight Board at the designated meeting to include the name of the members who moved and seconded an item, and those voting in favor or opposed unless it was an unanimous action. For minutes and agenda's prior to the SDCOB, here.

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