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Update Your Voter Registration. If you move (even to a new apartment in the same building) or change your name, you must re-register to vote. If you don't, your votes might not be counted.

Vote by Mail - If you can't get to the polling place, think about voting by mail. There are two ways to do this:

  • To vote by mail for only the coming election, send in the application on the back cover of your sample ballot pamphlet. The application will be pre-addressed and when the election office receives it, your ballot will be mailed to you.
  • To vote by mail for every election, register as a permanent vote-by-mail voter. Pick up a registration form at the DMV, post offices, libraries or City Hall. Or go online to:

Sign Your Vote by Mail Ballot Envelope. If you do not sign the envelope, we cannot count your votes.

Don't wait until the last minute to mail your ballot. We cannot count mailed ballots unless we receive them by the third day after the election. If it's too late to count, you can drop it off at a polling place or at the election office. Hand delivered ballots must be turned in by the time the polls close on election day.

Know Where to Vote - Your polling place is listed on the back of your sample ballot pamphlet. Polling places often change from one election to the next. Remember to check the pamphlet before every election. If you misplace your pamphlet, you can look up your polling place on the county registrar's website ( or call City Hall (310) 973-3200 and a staff member will look it up for you.


Sign in at Your Polling Place - If you moved very recently and have not re-registered, go to the polling place for your new residence. Show the poll workers a valid ID card and proof of your new residence, a utility bill works. By law, you must be allowed to vote, even if your name is not in the roster.

Mark your votes carefully - Completely fill in the bubbles using the pen provided. Double-check your vote before you mark your ballot. Read the ballot carefully. In city elections, you can vote for more than one candidate for city councilmember.

Review Your Ballot - After voting, make sure that you filled in the correct bubbles.

Made a Mistake? - If you make a mistake in voting, tear the ballot or otherwise deface it, return it to a poll worker and ask for another ballot.

For more information,
Call the City Clerk Department (310) 973-3213 or (310) 973-3211



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